The Tennclosure Story:

Hello, my name is Todd Dettor and I am the founder and president of Tennclosure Fence Systems, Inc.  I am a State Licensed General Contractor in Florida (CGC 1518034) and have spent the good majority of my professional and adult life designing, building and maintaining tennis courts for our family businesses, Fast-Dry Courts Inc. and 10-S Tennis Supply.  The idea for Tennclosure was born from my frustrations with the institutional look and cumbersome nature of chain link fence being used on tennis courts.  As a teenager working summers for my father's business, I would routinely help with the installation of many chain link fence systems on various projects.  I distinctly recall one hot summer afternoon while digging a hole for one of the fence posts, I started cursing my tools and making it known to my co-workers that I was not happy about having to do this digging.  I was lamenting the fact that all of this hard work digging was facilitating the installation of what I considered to be an ugly, albeit necessary, component of our beautiful tennis court.  It was at that point, 20+ years ago that I said to myself, "there has to be a better way to keep this fuzzy yellow ball inside the court!"  A few years after graduating from college at Florida Atlantic University with a BFA in Sculpture, I once again went back to work for the family business building and maintaining tennis courts.  We repaired and replaced many chain link fences and windscreens as a result of the damage caused by several hurricanes in 2005 and 2006.  These events and my continued dissatisfaction with the aesthetics of chain link prompted me to seriously start to think of an alternative solution.  In 2010, I got a break in the form of a great client who was willing to take a chance and allow me to create a solution that would eliminate chain link from his soon-to-be-built residential tennis courts.  I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to pull it off at the time but somehow I managed.  I was able to draw on all of my past court contracting experience, my artistic/sculptural education and my disdain for materials that need maintenance, to create a unique solution.  Today I am proud to present the patented Tennclosure fencing system for your consideration.  Please be sure to visit the Advantages page to better understand how the system is unique and the advantages it has over other solutions.  As the product evolves I am committed to creating the most functional, best-looking, adaptable and customizable fencing solution on the market.  I promise to stay committed to evolving and advancing the system to keep you and your court ahead of the game!  Stay tuned....the best is yet to come.

Thanks for visiting and reading about my product.


Founder and President